Medical Preparedness & Response to Bombing Incidents (MGT-348) (04-21-1348) - 005

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Brief Description
This course trains first responders/receivers to safely and effectively respond to explosive events.
Full Description

This course addresses the training gap for both emergency responders and first receivers to respond safely and effectively to an explosive event resulting in blast injuries. This 16-hour face-to-face course is a combination of lectures, case studies, facilitated discussion. The course is generally delivered using the standard delivery model of two consecutive days. TEEX and NMT are partners in the NDPC, which is tasked by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help improve emergency response capabilities and leadership in state, local and tribal jurisdictions.

Course Objectives:

- Explain how to apply the lessons learned from the London Transit System and Boston Marathon bombings to help prevent and/or respond to a possible local bombing incident.
- Identify and explain the threats posed by terrorists; use of explosives against U.S. domestic targets.
- Identify commonly used explosives, explosive devices, and basic blast physics.
- Recognize and identify indicators of an imminent attack
- Safely conduct appropriate preventive, preparatory, and response actions during both the pre-detonation and post-detonation periods of a bombing incident.
-Recognize bombing injuries and identify appropriate triage and assessment modalities.
-Discuss key planning considerations as they relate to evolving terrorist tactics.

Target Audience:

-Emergency Room Personnel
-Trauma Surgeons
-Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel
-Emergency Managers
-Hospital Administrators


You must be a US Citizen to take this course. If you are not please let us know by email for further instruction at OEM.TRAINING@DHSES.NY.GOV.

All participants must have a FEMA Student Identification (FEMA SID) number. Students can search for their existing/create a new FEMA SID at:

Any and all other prerequisite requirements will be managed by the consortium provider. If any additional prerequisites are required as part of the enrollment process the consortium partner will contact you directly prior to the course.


There is no fee for the course. Other cost considerations are detailed in each LMS course offering.


Participants who actively participate and attend all course contact hours will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the course
Training Dates
11/19/2024 - 11/20/2024
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Do you require reasonable accommodations in order to attend this course (if you select yes then you will be contacted by our office before the first day of class to discuss further).
Registration Dates
05/03/2024 - 10/29/2024
Available Seats
16h 0m
None Specified
Training Location
31 - New York County
NYC Health and Hospitals Bellevue
462 1st Ave.
New York, NY  10016
Resources Required
Participants enrolled in an in-person, classroom-based course delivery are required to bring a laptop or tablet to electronically access student materials, testing and evaluations.
Reporting Instructions
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Dress is business casual.
Signup Details
No Show Policy: Failure to attend a class you have registered for can result in restriction on future course attendance and agency notification. It is the student's responsibility to notify us in a timely manner if you cannot attend.

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