Nature-Based Solutions for Mitigating Hazards (MGT-484) (04-11-0484) - 001

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Brief Description
The course provides students information on nature-based solutions and common barriers for use.
Full Description
This four hour, management level course highlights nature-based solutions as important and effective tools for mitigating hazards and climate impacts. The course provides planners, government officials, and hazard mitigation professionals information on the types, applications, and benefits of nature-based solutions as well as the common barriers for their use. Beyond an overview of nature-based solutions, the course focuses on the planning and implementation mechanisms that can be leveraged to employ these solutions in practice. This includes planning mechanisms related to land use, hazard mitigation, stormwater management, transportation, open space, and disaster recovery. The course also highlights important planning considerations for utilizing nature-based solutions, including planning quality, alignment among plans, and equity in nature-based solutions; as well as the public and private funding mechanisms for implementing them.

Course Objectives:
Describe the types and benefits of, and barriers to using nature-based solutions;
Integrate nature-based solutions into a community's existing planning mechanisms;
Leverage available resources to implement nature-based solutions to mitigate hazards.

Target Audience:
Emergency Management
Governmental Administrative
Hazardous Material
Public Safety Communications
Public Works
Citizen/Community Volunteer

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Participants are encouraged to have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of natural hazards planning or take one of the following courses: AWR-228 Community Resilience (NDPTC), AWR-379 Coastal Hazard Awareness (NDPTC), AWR-356 Community Planning for Disaster Recovery (NDPTC), AWR-310 Natural Disaster Awareness for Community Leaders (NDPTC), AWR-356 Flooding Hazards (NDPTC), or Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Hazards (NOAA).

There is no fee for the course. Other cost considerations are detailed in each LMS course offering.
Training Dates
01/10/2024 - 01/10/2024
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Registration Dates
09/02/2023 - 12/20/2023
Available Seats
4h 0m
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Training Location
Reporting Instructions
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Dress is business casual
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